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Yesterday, Jayne, Kayli, Penny and I went to Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio to Celebrate the Celtic Feast of Lughnassadh which is the Mid-summer Festival of the Summer Harvest.  We participated with the Buddhist Christian Mother Earth Church (“BCMC”).  The service was a mix of meditation, mindfulness, and remembering the Harvest.  As Michael was reading part of a poem written by a 11 century Irishman about the festival, the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of a row of corn (the prevalent cash crop in Central Ohio) which coincides with the reasons the Irish celebrated Lugnassadh.

During this time of the year, the veil between the spiritual world and the material world is thin.  Ancestors can be remembered and brought through to the other side.  As he led us in a meditation on remembering our ancestors past, I felt a strong presence from the Holy Spirit.  He had us stand up and reflect on past ancestors known or not known that resembled the following:

  • West – Respect
  • North – Silence
  • East – Connection
  • South – Suffering
  • Air – Father
  • Earth – Mother

For respect (West), the Holy Spirit brought to mind the achievements and victories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as he stood up for the oppressed, the down trodden, and fought for racial equality.

For silence (North), the late Brennan Manning (ragamuffin), Henri Nauwen, and the late Dallas Willard reminded me of the practice of the spiritual disciplines is necessary with maintaining my connection with God through the Holy Spirit.

For connection (East), it was Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer that was brought to mind.  Both men were great theologians that stood for truth and pure devotion to their Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

For suffering (South), our neighbor when I was growing up, Bobbie Gouch was a silent rock for my mom and had a simple faith.  David Brainnard who suffered from Tuberculosis and depression had such a passion for God’s glory and to make Jesus known to the Native Americans in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For father figures (Air), Pastor Wessel who confirmed me for the second time, the late John Bruce (my age group swimming coach) who also passed away from cancer, and men that I admire like Mark Tindal, Tom Archer, and John Hansel were men that shared God’s love with me and led me to know Christ Jesus in a deeper more intimate way.

For my mother figure (earth), my late friend Sybil who is now with the Lord shared and prayed with me healing prayers of restoration from my broken childhood.  Also women that revealed the pure feminine like Leanne Payne and Mother Theresa as well.

At the end of the evening, we shared blackberries picked in our friend Michael’s backyard.  Blackberries were a common offering to Lugh (Lou) during the harvest festival.

Overall, all of us were open-minded enough to experience something new.  Even our pup enjoyed the company of all of us who participated in this Harvest Ritual.






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