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Change through the Eyes of a Dog


In this photo are pictures of my dogs.  The largest one is Sadie who was my dog that I brought into the Sloan-Davis Household.  The Minpin is my girlfriend’s dog, Zelda, and Penny is our puppy (an Australian Retriever).

The dogs represent the relationship we have as a family.  Each dog has their own distinct personality, gifts, and talents.  Each dog represents members of our family.  Sadie represents the Sloan side; Zelda represents the Davis side, and Penny represents the Sloan-Davis side.


In this picture, we were at the Serpent mound on our first week of staycation.  As you can see from the photo, the other dogs are not pictured, yet Penny is.  Penny is definitely our family dog, where Sadie is my dog, and Zelda is Jayne’s dog.

Sadie 2

The above is Sadie who is now eight.  She is panting in the picture from after running through the woods looking for squirrels, bunnies, and cats.  She and I have been through a lot together.  When my daughter was born, she never left her crib.  When she was two, she broke her arm chasing a squirrel.  So she and I spent quality time at our vet.  Fortunately, we were able to save her arm since the brake was so clean.  She also was with me throughout the trying time of my divorce.  She was my rock (other than my Lord Jesus), and kept me company on some lonely times before meeting Jayne.  Even for her, she has adapted with the change.  She is helping me pack train the other two dogs.


This is Zelda, Jayne’s dog.  Zelda is a rescue, Minipincher/terrier mix.  She does not like men who wear hats or sunglasses, is ornery, and is jealous of Jayne and I, and change, especially when we kiss.  She is very affectionate, and submissive, yet is runner off lead.  If anyone knows me, I do not like dogs that are runners because they challenge my authority and highlight my control issues.  Despite all this, I have grown to love Zelda equally as much as I love Sadie.  She is my alarm clock.  She wakes me up at first light to go outside.  She has a strong maternal instinct with our puppy, Penny.





And then there is our puppy, Penny.  Penny is an Australian Retriever (half Australian Shepherd/half Golden Retriever).  Penny is our rambunctious, high energy, happy go lucky puppy.  She pretty much is the kids dog.  Yet she reminds us, that we have to keep the house clean, because anything on the floor goes into her mouth.  She has it pretty good.  Two dogs to play with, two kids who love her, and two adults who look over her chewing because of the cuteness.  Penny represents the coexisting love and bond of the Sloan-Davis clan.



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