Pure Michigan Vacation Part I – Epworth Heights

As a family, we went to Epworth Heights, Michigan for an extended weekend.  I have been going to Epworth Heights (a Methodist Resort) since I was in my mom’s belly (1969) and stopped going in when I was 14 (1984), and my dad who is 81 since he was in diapers.  I wanted to show the Davis-Sloan’s (Jayne, my daughter Lily, and future step-daughter, Kayli) where I spent my summers when I was growing up.  The quote of the trip was either, “you were so spoiled”, or “I didn’t realize how good I had it until it was gone”.

Above is the Epworth Hotel.  It used to be a functioning hotel back in the 1940’s and 1950’s when my dad was a teenager.

Here is Kayli and Lily and by the “Coffee Shoppe” where we used to get snacks while playing on the beach.

Most of our weekends while I was growing up was at “Bluebell Hill”.  Bluebell was a sand dune right at the edge of where Epworth Heights ends and the “Ludington State Park” begins.

Here are some other memorable pictures from our time at Epworth with my parents:

  1. Lincoln Channel and North Beach:

2.   Nature Hike – The hiking trail used to be where the “dummy train” used to be.  I don’t know why we called it the “dummy train”, but the C&O train always made it’s presence known mid-mornings near the cottage that we stayed in while I was young.  Like most places, places change…